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Designed & Engineered by experts in the concrete lifting industry

Watch the ELITEONE injection gun in action!


For years concrete contractors have used tools designed for installing SprayFoam…

FINALLY, a tool designed from the ground up for concrete raising.


Simple Design.

HMI dedicated years into designing this concrete lifting injection equipment specifically for concrete lifting.

  • Save thousands on replacement parts- Half as many 0-rings as the Fusion Gun
  • Valve Operated with one-way check valves.
  • Material Pressure Gauges-Monitor your pumping pressures as you work
  • Air Pressure Gauges -Identify plugged ports before you pump!
  • Easy to use rolling handle moves between air, off and foam to turn on air OR material flow
  • Spend more time pumping and less time fixing and cleaning your equipment

What makes the EliteONE the best polyurethane concrete lifting injection gun in the world?

See the comparison chart below!

EliteONE Press Release HERE 

elite swivel and port

See what others have said about the industry leading polyurethane injection gun!

“The new EliteOne has been a godsend. To me the term “game changer” is often overused but not in this case. What a remarkable difference from the previous guns I’ve been using. I have full confidence now daily with just a few minutes of maintenance either after use or before use the gun will operate the way it was designed and intended to. Kudos to the design team and kudos to HMI for constantly trying to make life easier for their customers on the field. As to customer service, bar none there isn’t a company that’s any better!” – Carmen

“This gun is a night and day difference. Such easy maintenance. At the end of the day we may have 20 minutes, but then we get to just put away our equipment until the next day.” -Kolby

“Switching to the EliteOne was a breeze! Not having to deal with a backed up injection gun speeds up our production and allows us to get more projects completed! Another huge benefit is that since there are less moving parts, our crew do not have to spend as much time and money cleaning and replacing parts like the previous injection gun! The EliteOne is very user friendly and a great innovation in the concrete raising market. We are lucky to have such a great product!” -Dave

“When I started last year, my trailer came with the FusionPro and I really didn’t want to use it because of the horror stories. We couldn’t wait for the EliteOne and it’s been amazing! -Rich

So what are you waiting for? Time is money, and less time cleaning out back ups and troubleshooting means saving you hard earned MONEY!

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HMI now has CAUTION ORANGE ports to reduce tripping at the job site

Plus ports are NOW even smaller, 3/8 inch concrete lifting HMI ports!


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