Kentucky Riverport Void Fill

A Riverport in Kentucky contacted their local polyurethane concrete lifting and void filling contractor to assist with a new construction project. When installing metal pilings on the bottom of the river, the construction crew ran into a rock shelf. The rock shelf kept the pilings from being able to be driven down and caused voids along the bottom of the pilings.

Deep Foamjection with HMI’s HF402 was chosen to fill the voids due to the large body of water and wet conditions. HydroFoam was specially designed to resist hydrolysis, the chemical process of water breaking down a compound. Designed not only to set up in the presence of water, but to maintain dimensional stability, HydroFoam was the best solution for the job.

The void filling contractor teamed up with a construction company and a team of underwater divers to inject the foam and fill the voids at the bottom of the pilings. The pilings were approx. 20’ deep in the river. The river divers swam down and pushed the ground rods over to the edge of the void and into place. The crew used a crane basket to lower down to the surface of the water. Once in position, the polyurethane crew gave a series of injections into the void until it was completely full of foam.

This Deep Foamjection project saved the construction company thousands of dollars and was completed in just a few hours.