The “Newest” HMI Difference – Introducing Next level Engineering Support

Paul DelFino

With this blog, HMI wants to introduce you to Will Sublette, P.E., HMI’s new Geotechnical Engineer.

The Difference Just Gets Bigger and Better

As a member of the HMI family, you enjoy the benefit of 50 years of experience in raising and leveling concrete and more. You can rely on your manufacturer and supplier who uses the equipment and product every day – just like you. Samples of the HMI difference:

  • HMI’s team of Account Managers are a direct line of support for your staff, available to help you with jobs and technical advice whenever you need. These experts work as a team so you can tap into their experience on hundreds of thousands of jobs daily at no cost.
  • HMI’s marketing team has an abundance of marketing material templates for you to repurpose. Whether you need graphics, photos, video, animation, or you just have marketing questions you’d like to talk through, it’s all a phone call away.
  • HMI’s Foamjection Lead Program –This program is for HMI customers and when you sign up, HMI turns on the power of the internet for you. The end result – quality leads in your market area, at a very competitive price. Every dollar HMI’s customers spend for Foamjection leads goes back into the program to generate more leads for you!
  • HMI’s EliteONE Loaner Gun Program – We all know the importance of the injection gun. When you use an HMI EliteONE gun, if anything goes wrong, HMI is there to ensure you do not lose a day of work. If your account manager cannot walk you through a repair, HMI will ship you out a loaner – next day!

Now- True Engineering Support

Very often when you move beyond basic residential concrete lifting projects, a higher level of technical support is needed. Your HMI account manager will back you up on most of these projects. However, larger, more complex jobs may require “true engineering.” In some cases, it is about educating the client technically, educating the client’s engineer, or validating feasibility.

HMI ‘s staff Geotechnical Engineer, Will Sublette, will be working with your account manager and you to meet any need. Below is a sample of his most recent output to support Deep Foamjection.

Tap into HMI’s newest difference with your account manager to get the work!    

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