World of Concrete 2015 – In Review

Jeff Cvetezar

I thought it appropriate to document my observations about the HMI World of Concrete experience this past month.

HMI featured our new Transit Van (Polyurethane Concrete Lifting and Leveling System) at our outside booth. The new van was a BIG HIT, and we were not surprised we did not bring it home as it was sold on the spot and driven home by a new customer. The Van Package is an excellent option/alternative for businesses/entrepreneurs who do not want to tow a trailer or who plan for work in tight municipal markets or store their unit in a garage. It offers all the same equipment as our Trailer Package and is another example of an ideal business on wheels.

We also introduced our new Zert (injection port) and front end attachment for the Fusion Gun. The new Zert and gun attachment eliminates the need for a clamping tool to attach the gun to the Zert. The new Zert will soon be available in a reusable metal version. (Watch for product updates in the months ahead) and a disposable plastic model at the end of this year.

New and improved is what HMI is about and we commit to continually introducing new products and processes to make our customer more efficient and profitable.


Many of us who have been attending the World of Concrete for decades often use the shows attendance and scuttlebutt to be a barometer of the overall industry. By any and all reports the World of Concrete for 2015 was up in attendance, vendors, and the introduction of new products. Everyone I spoke with identified this as a positive sign for the economy and the industry as a whole.


Eight members of the HMI team worked the show. Brian and I could not have been more proud. The team:

Introduced new digital technology on IPAD at our booths.

Flawlessly conducted over 88 formal demonstrations where we again had to reframe sample slabs that were lifted up over 8 inches over the 4.5 days.

For fun we totaled the concrete lifting and leveling experience of team HMI team had present in Las Vegas. Of note the combined years in the business totaled over 100. I believe that the new friends we met had the value of more experience and technical expertise than many companies have in total.


When Brian and I enjoyed a few quiet hours, post show, we became introspective about our customers. The show allowed literally hundreds of “friends” to stop by and update us on their businesses and their families. Ernie began attending the World of Concrete nearly 4 decades ago. Customers who have supported us and who we have been supporting/supplying since Day 1 stop bye year after year.  In today’s world of digital communication there is just nothing like seeing a customer and having the opportunity to say THANK YOU face to face.


Plans for World of Concrete 2016 began being set at this year’s show.  Next year watch for:

More Equipment

Bigger Displays

Different Demonstrations

But – the same dedicated team looking forward to saying THANK YOU to our customers.

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