Foam Options for Maximum Productivity and Profitability

HMI Offers a stable of Concrete Lifting and Fillfoams to provide it’s contractors with options since; “one size/type does not fit all projects perfectly.”

Over the last 15 years HMI has invested significant laboratory time formulating a number of concrete lifting and leveling as well as void filling foams. The reason is to provide its customer with options where contractors can match the optimal characteristic of each foam to the needs of each project.

The varying characteristics of: speed, strength, hydrophobic qualities, capability of post project measurement, and yield can be chosen to best match the actual project for the best quality job and ideal productivity.

Yes – most contractors will use 1 or 2 foam types most of the time. However, having options creates potential in the type of work you can do, the quality of work you do and your profitability.

Below are foam options you enjoy with HMI, and the key characteristics’ :

  • RR 201, Fast, and Lightning is specifically designed for residential concrete raising. This foam has a fast reaction time with less spread, which provides more control of the lifting of the concrete slabs in your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, garage approaches, and sidewalks.
  • RR 401, Fast, and Lightning was developed to have a slower reaction time with more spread for lifting larger slabs of concrete. With over 3 times the compressive strength of RR 201, this foam is specifically designed for heavy lifting, and high traffic areas.
  • RR 501 was developed to have a slower reaction time to allow the material to spread further. Because of the distance this material can travel, this foam is perfect for under-sealing and stabilizing joints on rocking slabs from slab curl.
  • RR 601 was developed and designed for heavy lifting and high traffic areas. It has an average reaction time, and more spread which makes it perfect for larger slabs and highway work. This foam exceeds typical specifications for DOT under-sealing and lifting projects.
  • HF 402, and 402 Fast is a Hydro-insensitive, expansive polyurethane foam specifically designed for jobs where water or moisture is present. This foam was designed to maintain dimensional stability in wet environments, and can be used in both residential, and commercial applications.
  • RR 600 is a low viscosity single component polyurethane designed to bind and stabilize loose soils. Soil binder is used to stabilize peat, loose sands, sea walls, concrete floors, foundations, and helical anchors.
  • FS 201 was formulated as an exterior wall spray, that has a fast reaction time to avoid dripping when sprayed. It also provides a moisture barrier for foundation walls, seals cracks, and provides a waterproof foundation.
  • Fillfoam is a versatile, hydro-insensitive, pre-expanded foam for use in many geotechnical applications. The foaming reaction does not generate heat, allowing it to fill voids and tanks of any size. Fillfoam can also be pumped long distances to fill pipes and culverts.

There is a reason HMI is clearly identified as the leader of the industry. Being an expert means anticipating and knowing the needs of customer and having a solution to every challenge they encounter.  “Not one size fits all!”

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