Gettin Creative With HMI Foam

Samples of Creative Projects/Jobs HMI Customers Have Tackled & A Preview of Things To Come!

Jen Mazur

I am constantly amazed! It seems like a daily occurrence of late when I accept a call from a customer to share the latest creative way they have used their HMI polyurethane concrete lifting equipment to make money.

A sample conversation usually goes like this:

Customer – “Hey Jen, I just called to share what I did yesterday.”

Me – “Ok – now is this personal or business and you do know this is recorded?”  (some laugh)

Customer – “No, no – of course it is business and it really is interesting and you will want to share it with others. I was at a job lifting some driveway slabs and the customer was complaining that someone hit his mailbox.  He asked if I could reset it with my foam. I told him I had never tried it before but I was willing to give it a try with no guarantee.”

Me – And???”

Customer – “He went on and on about what a pain it was. He was moaning that he: had to dig it out, go to get some quick set concrete, pour it and figure out a way to keep it perfectly vertical while the cement set. In frustration he said he would give me $200 bucks if I could just “FIX IT.”

Me – And???

Customer – “I had him hold it straight up and I injected some RR201 around the pole and bingo it set up in seconds.” The man was delighted and gave me $220 for less than $0.25 in foam.

Me – “So now you drive around at night hitting mail boxes with your truck?”

Despite the bad humor my customer did want me to tell his story. Other applications I have heard of in recent months include:

  • Fence Post Setting
  • Cave Wall Coating
  • Crack Sealing
  • Making Cast Molds
  • Filling Tires
  • Waterproofing Cracks
  • Filling Leaking Pontoons
  • Filling Rotting Trees
  • Filling Drums to Float a Raft

Over the next year anticipate HMI more formally offering information and products for more diverse applications of its equipment and foams for its customers. Examples may include:

  • Exterior Wall Spray – Vapor Barrier & Waterproofing
  • Pipeline Applications – Pillowing, Trenching, Protective Covering
  • Crater/Void Filling
  • Sinkhole Repair
  • Block Core Wall Insulation & Strengthening
  • Radon Repellent
  • Soil Binding – Seawall and potholes
  • & MORE

Now – why haven’t I heard from you? Please write or call and offer up your creative ideas and projects you have completed. Share a photo that we can share.

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