Going It Alone

Can Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Really Be A One Person Business?

Brian Cvetezar

The HMI sales department has reported that there has been an increase in inquiries as to whether polyurethane concrete lifting can really be an owner operated one person operation? The answer is an unequivocal YES!


Conversations with individuals attending the HMI Discovery and Training Seminars have led me to a number of conclusions about why people are entering the business and reaching out to HMI. This is unscientific but I am confident it is reasonably accurate:

  • Be there own boss. People are tired of working for others and feeling that someone else is benefiting from their labor while feeling vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of another individuals priority changes.
  • Tired of Dependency on Others. Many speak to frustration with stress and anxiety of dependency on other coworkers, or employees they supervise, whose lack of dependability and quality standard forces them to work harder.
  • Vulnerability of Shifting Work Life. Tech advances, Covid 19 downsizing and multiple other root causes have careers changing as well as disappearing. Too often I hear the story about lives evolving to being behind a flat screen for 10 hours a day or worse.
  • Working Harder and Taking More Risks for Less. – Other industry cost structures are shifting and people look up one day and they figure out they are working more, taking larger risks and taking home less reward.

I have noted that the overall employment environment contributes to nearly all these reasons above. It was therefore no surprise when I heard about the increase in sole owner operator interest.


Clearly an owner operated one person business has limitations. The number of jobs per day and scale of the jobs can have constraints when considering the multiple time demands of:  marketing, sales, estimating, and administration. However, if your goal is 2 jobs per day working 150 days per year for 8 hours resulting in a profit of $100,000.00 it can be done. HMI actually discusses a simplified proforma at the Discovery and Training Seminar where each individual can plug in their own numbers to forecast their return on investment based on local marketing conditions and their plan. Although many reach out to us with big plans for multiple rigs covering multiple cities and geographies, the majority attending have a vision of; an owner operated business, introduction of a higher profit margin offering to their existing business or a family business for their future.


HMI presents and makes available to its customers many; tools, processes and systems that eliminate many of the stresses of an owner operated environment.

ESTIMATE ROCKET – The HMI version of this tool provides entrepreneurs with a template for fast and easy estimating but more than that it is: an e-marketing platform, customer communication system, CRM system that manages invoicing, receivables and scheduling.

VIRTUAL ESTIMATING – In September 2020 HMI published a blog introducing VIDEO ESTIMATING. Now with a mobile device you can effectively perform visual and accurate estimates without the burden and costs of site visits. This process alone can be a game changer for owner operated polyurethane concrete lifters.

FOAMJECTION – HMI makes leads available, in your local market, reducing the time and expense you will have to apply to marketing.

THE HMI PORTAL AND ACCOUNT MANAGERS – HMI customers have free and unlimited access to a portal with score of how to videos and tech data.  Upon arrival at any job site our customers can text a photo of a job to their account manager and get expert advice on the spot. It is like having an expert in the truck with you.

THE WORK ITSELF – Polyurethane Concrete Lifting is not heavily labor intensive and clean. The process does not require simultaneous activities. Clearly a one person crew can perform the strong majority of residential work.


If your goal is a highly profitable owner operated business without the hassle or risks of employees, the HMI polyurethane concrete lifting offering is a truly turnkey viable option.

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