Is it Time for a Career Change – Concrete Lifting?

2021 Saw an Unprecedented Change in Careers and the Trend Is Forecasted to Continue

Annie Baeten

As I observed the individual introductions at the HMI Discovery and Training Seminar last week I was struck by the growing diversity of people exploring our new business opportunity. We always enjoyed a reasonable percentage of dramatic career changers but the contemporary experience is different. Last week I heard people say: “law enforcement is not what it used to be” and “the Covid mandates have cost me my job!”  Over past months I can recall: pilots, ministers, health care workers, chefs and a myriad of people from other vocations attending our seminar to explore a new career.

The revelation offered above motivated me to do a little research on what is really happening in our changing economy.  A recent “Forbes” article noted some interesting predictions.

  • Hatred Of Zoom Will Increase
  • Layoffs Will Continue
  • Company Loyalty Will Decrease
  • Job Hunts Will Take Longer
  • Boomers Will Retire Earlier (and Seek a Second Career)
  • Burnout Will Increase

Another “Forbes” article I review was titled “The Pandemic Fuels Growth in Entrepreneurship and a Start-Up Frenzy!” A “New York Times” article I saw was titled “Start-up Boom in the Pandemic is Growing Stronger!” Here I learned Americans filed paperwork to start 4.3 million businesses last year, according to data from the Census Bureau, a 24 percent increase from the year before and by far the most in the decade and a half that the government has kept track. Applications are on a pace to be even higher this year.” There is nearly limitless information and statistics supporting the career changing trend.

Clearly things are changing and very fast. A bi product of the pandemic is a change in work life and probable career change for many. I now understand why we are seeing a growth of unique career changers at our seminars. It is logical as HMI offers:

  • Free Training and Support in a transition
  • A relatively low cost of entry into a new career.
  • An opportunity to be a “owner operated” one person business where people can control their own destiny at their own pace
  • An opportunity to work outside with effort which is not physically taxing

Is it time for YOU to follow the trend and explore OPTIONS by calling HMI?

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