It Just Ain’t So

Correcting Frequent Misconceptions about HMI Products & Programs

By: Jen Mazur

Over years I have spoken to most people new to HMI either on the phone or at our “Discovery & Training Seminars.” Invariably a reasonable amount of time is initially spent addressing and correcting preconceived notions about HMI’ products and processes. I have learned that many of these incorrect assumptions and perceptions come from the experience and conversations many have with others in the spray foam industry. Although some of the equipment is the same raising concrete with HMI products and processes is not comparable. So in an effort to head off the most frequent erroneous perceptions and thoughts I have addressed the top 4 below!

 You can’t lift concrete with an E-20 Greco reactor!

The most important thing to understand is that the pressure and pumping of the reactor does not lift the concrete! The reaction and expansion of the foam is what lifts concrete slabs so that increased reactor speed and pressure have little/no benefit. The reactor delivers the material, but it is the expansion of the foam that does the work. When the foam reacts, the pressure built by the reaction fills voids and lifts the concrete.  The only advantage of a larger reactor would be the ability to pump polyurethane thru a longer hose for distance. The E-20 easily pumps through 210 ft. of hose which addresses the needs of most jobs economically and efficiently. Remember a larger reactor would require a significantly larger generator. The reactor supplied in most HMI packages is a Graco E-20 because it is cost affective and meets the needs for residential, commercial, highway and tarmac slabs.  There are different foams designed for specific applications, but they can all be installed by any reactor.  The process of concrete raising is incremental to manage and control the lift. Unlike spray foam insulation, the ability to install more material faster is not beneficial to a concrete raising contractor.

 HMI will make you use the Fusion Gun! 

HMI does not require its customers to use a Fusion Gun.  However HMI will recommend that you use a Fusion Gun equipped with our patented front end for concrete lifting. (UPDATE : 2016, Go check out the EliteONE gun. Made specifically for concrete lifting).

The air purge feature of the fusion gun is a game changer for concrete lifting compared to the GX7 as it allows you to continually inject without re-drilling holes. The contractor can wait for foam to fully react as air keeps the hole open between injections.  HMI went to the drawing board and designed a retrofit front end called the Fusion PRO that takes the gun that was initially designed for spray foam and makes it ideal for concrete lifting and leveling by minimizing backups.  The Fusion gun does take more skill to learn and maintain, however the benefits far outweigh the challenges that come with operating with a gun without an air purge capacity to keep holes open for continual slow and controlled injection.

 Recycled material is impure and dirty!

Duh – not pure for what? Most manufacturers add surfactants, catalysts, and blowing agents, at the very least to produce foam.  30-49% of HMI foam is recycled material and has these valuable parts already built in.  Because the recycled material was foam in a previous life, it gives our foam great reactivity and characteristics you cannot get with 100% raw materials.  HMI foam skins over very quickly, making it stick less and adding strength.  It also expands fully, but is pliable for 15 minutes before curing completely.  Both are characteristics that can be difficult to comprehend if you are not a contractor who has used sticky foam that becomes rigid too fast.  Using recycled material gives:

  • HMI the opportunity to keep prices low – “the ultimate benefit to you”
  • You the opportunity to market an ECO FRIENDLY process

Because HMI holds the patent on manufacturing concrete lifting foam with recycled components, it is something that others cannot re-create or compete with.  We are able to incorporate superior materials into our foams, which would be much more expensive in any other scenario. HMI

  • Designed and formulated it’s foam exclusively for concrete lifting
  • Manufactures its own foam in Wisconsin
  • Foam is mixed to order and is fresh as we ship directly to our customers

Using recycled components: makes better foam, is good for the environment and saves you money while giving you the competitive advantage of marketing the utilization of an ECO friendly product.

 “The HMI Training & Discovery Seminar” is a SALES program!

“This one really hurts because the opposite is true!” “The Discovery & Training Seminar” was designed to teach and inform people from all vocations about concrete lifting and leveling. There is no sales component to the program. Participants learn the physics of the work and spend over 50% of the 2 days operating equipment because we believe the best way to learn something is to do it! The only way to validate this is to read comments from others who have attended or to call them before signing up.  Simply put, HMI is a contractor in rural Wisconsin that helps other contractors with our 40+ years’ experience and expertise in this specialized industry.  Family owned, we work hard to make our guests feel like family when they visit and not pressure them.

Take Away – Take care about what you may hear and assume – some of it “Just Ain’t So!” Ask questions, observe, experience and validate for yourself.

Upcoming Discovery & Training Seminars

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In 2 days, we teach you everything you need to know to start your own concrete raising company!

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