I-94 Milwaukee Highway Stabilization

I-94 Milwaukee Highway Stabilization



RaiseRite Concrete Lifting (HMI’s Contracting Division) was called by a roadway contractor informing us that concrete roadway panels beneath the asphalt paving on I-94 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had voids, leading to a rocking back and forth of the panels as trucks would drive over this portion of the road. The roadway contractor needed to stabilize the area within 36 hours.  The work needed to be completed at night to avoid lane closures and traffic congestion.



RaiseRite provided a quote to the roadway contractor.  It was approved by the state DOT that polyurethane injection was the best solution to fix the area in question.  Filling the voids to stabilize the concrete panels would provide minimum traffic disruption and expedite the necessary repairs. The foam used for this project was HMI’s 501 polyurethane foam, this foam is formulated for stabilization, not lifting.



The two man RaiseRite crew arrived onsite the next day at 11:00 p.m.  The contractor provided and set up traffic control. The voids were filled and the roadway was stabilized with 955 lbs. of HMI 501 polyurethane material. After the voids were successfully filled, the crew lifted the shoulders to line up with the roadway. The project was completed at 4:30 a.m., for a total project duration of 5 ½ hours on deck. Once the polyurethane cure time of 15 minutes was complete and traffic barriers removed, the roadway was opened for traffic. Even upon short notice, RaiseRite was able to arrive to onsite and successfully complete another highway stabilization project.