Canada Distribution

Canada's exclusive HMI Polyurethane Distributor

CANADA DISTRIBUTION IS HERE Geofoam Systems and Supplies Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan is prepared to fulfill your needs for HMI products. This means:
  • You should experience lower costs
  • You should experience faster shipping times
  • The process will eliminate boarder crossing frustrations
  • The process will eliminate currency conversion considerations
GeoFoam will also be offering training, parts, Elite One injection gun servicing and both new and used equipment sales. It is our intention to be your HMI connection on this side of the boarder and we plan on making 2020 the best year for you and your business. For some time our Canadian customers have asked for a process to eliminate the challenges of our geographic boundary. “We heard you” Want more information? Visit the GeoFoam Website HERE Call or leave your info to the right and the HMI team will connect you to our GeoFoam partner!