Decorative Concrete Specialists Need A Level Canvas

A Synergistic Referral Source in Your Market

Annie Baeten

I was reminded last week at the HMI Discovery and Training Seminar why we always are in the Decorative Concrete Silver Lot at the World of Concrete. A Decorative Concrete specialist attended the seminar and while introducing himself he said; “I make sure I have a perfectly level base before I design our coatings. I’m not letting anyone drill holes through it after my art is done!”

Once in a while it is important to be reminded of the obvious. As a marketing professional I dream of Google Click leads, Facebook Ads, TV promotions and media driven business. BUT in the end they all cost real dollars.

Every market has decorative concrete specialists. There is quite a list; stainers, stampers, over layers, polishers, sealers, engravers and more. Each of these specialists prefers a perfect canvas. That is – a flat concrete base without sections sunken or lifted, to perfectly complete their art. A phone call or a mailing introducing your service to these specialists may yield referrals. Engaging these specialists in dialogue might spawn discussions of joint promotion and more.

Those attending the Discovery and Training Seminars are usually in awe when they learn that HMI’s contracting arm RAISERITE CONCRETE LIFTING enjoys 70% + of its business from referral and repeat customers. This does not happen by accident. “If you do not do something – do not expect anything.” Consider making a list of potential referral sources and begin your campaign today to get FREE LEADS!

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