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Jen Mazur

On October 21, 2018 over 30 HMI contractor customers “trekked back home” to HMI’ headquarters in Manitowoc, WI. for the first Special Deep Foamjection Training program.

The one day program was packed with:

  • Hands on Demonstrations
  • Case Study Reviews
  • Equipment Overviews
  • & MORE

Participant reviews exceeded those of the acclaimed HMI two day “Discovery & Training Program” as existing polyurethane customers learned new ways to lever the power of their rigs to “make more money.”


Injecting polyurethane foam, at various depths, in areas where soil problems exist is not new. The process has been deployed for decades but protected by patents which limited the number of contractors providing the service.

HMI has been preparing for years to develop the IDEAL system for its customers. Now with patents expired HMI polyurethane concrete lifting customer can offer services equivalent to piering and compaction grouting to: governmental, commercial and even residential markets. Like all HMI processes it is: fast, permanent, non-obtrusive and HIGHLY PROFITABLE.


Over a decade ago HMI began offering polyurethane concrete lifting systems to the market. The keys were/are the patented HMI Elite 1 Gun and their own internally formulated foams specifically designed for the unique demands of concrete repair. Since that time polyurethane concrete lifting has exploded. That is; injecting mixed 2 part polyurethane foam liquid components under a slab of concrete allowing the expansion effect of the chemical reaction to lift the slab. Technology developments with foam formulas now have many alternatives in the market to address the control/speed and strength issues the naysayers initially presented as reasons why this would not be profitable or popular.

DEEP FOAMJECTION uses the same basic process and equipment. Instead of injecting the liquid Part A & Part B mix  just under a slab you are injecting  like or comparable mixed liquid foam components at nearly any depth thru especially designed pipe systems which you drive to various depths depending on need.

The material is introduced into to the subterranean environment as a premixed liquid.  When the liquid solidifies into a foam underground, it acts like mother nature’s tree root systems:

  • Expanding to compact week soil areas
  • Filling Voids
  • Binding Soils

Simply stated it stabilizes and strengthens the environment mitigating the root causes of; structure, road, concrete pad settling. With Deep Foamjection you are addressing the root cause of the problem at various depths.


THE FOAM – There are countless foam types, formulas, manufacturers and distributors ready to supply you. However – with Deep Foamjection special care must be taken to pick a partner/supplier that offers a truly hydrophobic foam. Here is where HMI excels.

Water is a primary cause of many of the problems. HMI offers truly hydrophobic foams that: set up in water, displace water when setting up, and will not lose strength/density when injected into a wet/moist environments.


  • Structure Settling Problems can be mitigated. (In some cases structures and be lifted safely.)
  • Highway and Bridge Environments can be stabilized, leveled and reinforced.
  • Equipment pads can be stabilized, lifted and leveled.
  • Retaining Walls can be reinforced.
  • AND YES – Sea Walls can be reinforced, stabilized while mitigating future deterioration of wave and wake action. (Remember the foam you are using is hydrophobic and will set up and remain strong and stable in water.)
  • AND MORE.. 

Although Deep Foamjection is not a 100% replacement solution for various piering system types and compaction grouting approaches it will allow contractors to complete a large percentage of repairs without the negatives of these traditional approaches. Quite simply DeepFoamjection is:

  • A less expensive install solution
  • A less obtrusive and cleaner install solution
  • A faster install solution


Watch for the next offering of HMI Deep Foamjection training.

Add multiple new dimensions and PROFIT MAKING CAPABILITY to your HMI polyurethane concrete lifting equipment.

Upcoming Discovery & Training Seminars

  • June 20-21, 2024  Manitowoc, WI
  • July 25-26, 2024  Manitowoc, WI

In 2 days, we teach you everything you need to know to start your own concrete raising company!

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