Spring 2022 – It’s Time to Get to Work

Concrete Lifting Season Start up Reminders from the HMI Team

Annie Baeten, Paul DelFino, Jen Mazur, Jesse Swetlik

As the HMI team sat around the conference room table considering the Spring Blog, everyone had something urgent to say. So – we decided get everyone in the game with a bulleted easy to review check list format.


Supply – The big question on everyone’s mind is the supply shortages of foam. In anticipation of the current market circumstance HMI made bulk purchases at the end of 2021 and we can aggressively say: “market and sell with confidence – we will be able to supply our customers through 2022.”

Market Forecast – Despite an overall schizophrenic market impacted by: global disorder, economic uncertainty, supply chain problems, residual Covid implications and a tough job market, our forecast for Concrete Lifting and Leveling for 2022 is optimistic. A tough winter in many parts of the country, cost and supply line issues with concrete, and continual housing shortages/value increases offset all of the negatives and leave us most optimistic that the surge of demand of the past several years will continue.

Pricing – You do not need me to suggest that costs are changing fast. Not just yours! Be sure to survey the cost changes of replacement concrete in your market at the outset and continually through the 2022 season. Opportunities for price increases are inevitable and it is not in your best interest to be last.


Spring Equipment Maintenance – Go to where I have published a good check list of equipment maintenance items for the start of the season in freshdesk, click HERE.

HMI University – A reminder HMI U is available to our customers where/when you want operational and equipment training for your crews or new hires. Merely call your Account Manager to sign up and go to for an overview.

HMI Advanced Training – Back by popular demand, mark you calendar for June 24th. Exclusive to HMI customers the program is a deep dive into Deep Foamjection, Void Filling and bigger project opportunities.

HMI Freshdesk Portal – Over the winter we have invested time to update and improve the HMI Portal where you will find scores of videos, tips, hints and more to allow you to be more productive and profitable. If you have lost your access contact your account manager.


Engineering – When you see any opportunity for a large project – CALL ME! 920-365-5024. Through 2021 we have perfected our engineering support and are prepared to back you up and guide you with evaluation of a project, assist you in soil evaluations , interface on your behalf with engineers and more. Do not miss opportunities as we are there to help.

Fillfoam – An increasing number of HMI customers have added a Fillfoam Rig to their unit in 2021 as they have identified projects for its application. Reminder – keep your eye out for void filling opportunities.


Foamjection – Our lead generation program is up and running and already starting to generate leads for the start of the season for participants. If you have not tried Foamjection contact either Fay or me! Reminder you can turn the program on and off based on your demand and lead flow.

Videos & More – In 2021 our inventory of marketing support tools grew exponentially. If you are looking for new content for your website or a brochure refresh for the season start, call us.

Are you ready for 2022? We are here to help!

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