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By: Paul DelFino
“Welcome to the Family” are the words I have used for many years to wrap up every HMI “Discovery and Training Seminar”!

The word family is continuously populated in the HMI website since it is in reality a family business that markets to families as well as major corporate entities and government. Last week, as I was queued up waiting to deliver the seminar wrap up, following Jeff’ presentation in Las Vegas, I starting thinking about the word – family - in a business context. What expectations and perceptions were created as we say “welcome to the family” or position ourselves as a family business?


Generally family, in a business context, evokes multiple images/percepti

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HMI was featured in the most recent publication of “Masonry.” To read our featured article in Masonry Magazine click here. The recognition felt good. Everyone enjoys and appreciates recognition. What is most interesting is the fact that the article does not offer acclaim for our World Famous Mudpumps or our revolutionary Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Trailer System. Instead, the article touts our Estimating App and sales system.


We begin our monthly “Discovery & Training Seminars” by asking attendees why they came. Invariably the answers begin with:

“I want to learn how to raise concrete.”
“I want to learn to operate a mudjacking pump.”
“I want to see polyurethane raise concrete and determine if the sys

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Unquestionably the highlight of my month is participating in our monthly seminars. The reasons are:

I get to meet and talk with great people.
 I get to learn about the prior careers of our customers.
 I get out of the office!

Over the last year I have been amazed by the diversity of our seminar attendees. Of course you would expect mudjackers, concrete flatwork entrepreneurs and spray foam professionals to be attending our monthly Discovery & Training Seminars. The surprise is the number of individuals with other prior vocations who are attending. My informal research has identified: pilots, restaurateurs, accountants, property managers, beauticians, retirees, recently separated military personnel and countless others. When I prob

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Lower Costs & Increase Efficiency with Technology

Paul J. DelFino


Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of conducting monthly marketing seminars for small business concrete repair entrepreneurs. I begin each session by asking some questions of the group.

What is the geographic range of your service area?

Average Answer – 60-90 miles

How much time do you spend on site doing an estimate?

Average Answer – 30 minutes

What are you worth an hour?

Average Answer - $100

What does each estimate cost you?

Average Answer – “Blank Stare”

It does not take an MBA to calculate that 1 hour drives to and from an estimate combined with the time on site then added to the paperwork and fuel has these entrepre

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Buying Your College Grad A Job

Ernie Cvetezar

Over the past year we have seen a trend developing at our seminars.  Families are attending to consider/research the possibility of investing in a concrete raising business for their recent son/daughter who has graduated college and who cannot find a job. In reality they are buying a job and career. The good news is that after doing their homework and evaluating options, the HMI Polyurethane Concrete Lifting business opportunity is evolving to be the career of choice.


The news is saturated with stories of our current underemployed workforce.  These articles presuppose a mindset that anyone with a college degree should be sitting behind a desk working fo

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