HMI University

HMI U Takes you To the Next Level

Starting a business? Need a refresher course? Have a New Hire?

When you purchase an HMI truck or trailer system, we want you to feel like an expert by the time you roll up to your first job.


HMI university is perfect for new hires or when you pick up your equipment. We will dive into the
polyurethane equipment, troubleshooting, and the common questions our team receives. This class
is FREE for all current HMI customers.

What We Cover:
-EliteONE Gun: Operation, Full Breakdown, Maintenance
-Reactor: Common Issues, Operation
-Pumps: Operation, Rebuild, Maintenance

-Trailer maintenance
-Lifting Techniques

-Much More!

Ask your account manager about the next available class

Day 1- Shadowing Raiserite local contracting crew

Day 2- Classroom Instruction

Day 3- Go out and do REAL jobs