RR401G Hydrophobic | 4lb Concrete Raising Foam

Water is great, except when it’s under your concrete.

rr401G-application-photoRR401G is our latest innovation in perfecting specialized foams for residential, commercial and D.O.T. contractors who are lifting and leveling concrete slabs even when a void is filled with water. This 3-4 pound hydrophobic / hydro-insensitive foam is a two-component polyurethane foam like RR401, but is a gas blown foam product.

We’re often asked, can polyurethane set-up and lift concrete while still maintaining its compressive strength, when it’s pumped under concrete slabs where water is present? The simple answer is “YES!”, most definitely, yes! With the HMI RR401G hydrophobic poly foam, lifting and maintaining lifted concrete is a cinch; no more needing to worry about redoing your work days, weeks, or months later.

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Earns USDA Certified Biobased Product Certification and Label

The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the product or product family’s amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds levels set by USDA. Biobased products are finished or intermediate materials composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine ingredients.

“We are honored to have been awarded the USDA Biobased Certification and Product Label,” said Jeff Cvetezar, HMI President. “The certified biobased content along with the high percentage of recycled content in our polyurethane products show that HMI is not only dedicated to producing the highest quality product on the market, but also is committed to environmental responsibility.”

All biobased amount claims are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. Consumers may feel secure in the accuracy of the biobased amount and be empowered in making better informed purchasing decisions.

Why is hydro-insensitive foam important?

Hydro-insensitive means the presence of water in the soil will not affect the foam’s reaction cure time, compressive strength or performance. Weather and drainage are no longer concerns for contractors or government crews. It also means that traditional delays and costs in completing projects are eliminated, improving your reputation and profitability.

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