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Lower Costs & Increase Efficiency with Technology

Paul J. DelFino


Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of conducting monthly marketing seminars for small business concrete repair entrepreneurs. I begin each session by asking some questions of the group.

What is the geographic range of your service area?

Average Answer – 60-90 miles

How much time do you spend on site doing an estimate?

Average Answer – 30 minutes

What are you worth an hour?

Average Answer - $100

What does each estimate cost you?

Average Answer – “Blank Stare”

It does not take an MBA to calculate that 1 hour drives to and from an estimate combined with the time on site then added to the paperwork and fuel has these entrepre

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QUESTION – If you just purchased a new boat where the operators console looked like a Boeing 747 – would you let your 5 year old son push all the buttons to see what worked and how?

QUESTION – When you purchase a new piece of concrete raising equipment do you read the operators manual cover to cover; for your safety, to prevent damage?

Do not feel bad, if you answered NO to the second question you are not alone.

Less than 6.5 % of purchases read manuals completely.

It is also interesting to note that in the electronics world 95% of equipment returned due to malfunction actually works – the problem is few read the operating instructions. AND – for the record and to dispel the old mindset there is no statistical evidence to prove a

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Missed Opportunity – “I’m Just Too Busy to Make More Money”

Business Advice from a War Horse “Who has Been There - Done That!”

Ernie Cvetezar

One of my great frustrations is watching clients and new friends make the same mistake I once made.

THE SYMPTOM – Many of HMI’s clients who attend our seminars and secure NEW polyurethane concrete lifting and leveling equipment do so to add an additional service to their existing business. These entrepreneurs want to diversify, grow and increase their profit margins.  Too often we get feedback from customers that they love the equipment.  They have successfully completed a job, but have not used the concrete raising equipment recently because they just too busy with other parts of th

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