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HMI was featured in the most recent publication of “Masonry.” To read our featured article in Masonry Magazine click here. The recognition felt good. Everyone enjoys and appreciates recognition. What is most interesting is the fact that the article does not offer acclaim for our World Famous Mudpumps or our revolutionary Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Trailer System. Instead, the article touts our Estimating App and sales system.


We begin our monthly “Discovery & Training Seminars” by asking attendees why they came. Invariably the answers begin with:

“I want to learn how to raise concrete.”
“I want to learn to operate a mudjacking pump.”
“I want to see polyurethane raise concrete and determine if the sys

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Evolving Technologies Suggest Entrepreneurs Should Relook At Concrete Repair As A Business Opportunity!

Paul DelFino

 Concrete repair services specializing in lifting and leveling slabs have been around since the 1930’s. There has been and there currently is high demand for this service. There is possibly even more demand now since the passage of the American Disabilities Act. This law mandates the repair of trip hazards from sunken or heaved concrete in public areas. With literally billions of square feet of concrete in the US, many of the slabs are old and out of alignment, pitched incorrectly and in desperate need of repair. Whether it is governmental, commercial or residential, customers are looking for a cost-effective solution to t

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