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Lower Costs & Increase Efficiency with Technology

Paul J. DelFino


Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of conducting monthly marketing seminars for small business concrete repair entrepreneurs. I begin each session by asking some questions of the group.

What is the geographic range of your service area?

Average Answer – 60-90 miles

How much time do you spend on site doing an estimate?

Average Answer – 30 minutes

What are you worth an hour?

Average Answer - $100

What does each estimate cost you?

Average Answer – “Blank Stare”

It does not take an MBA to calculate that 1 hour drives to and from an estimate combined with the time on site then added to the paperwork and fuel has these entrepre

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QUESTION – If you just purchased a new boat where the operators console looked like a Boeing 747 – would you let your 5 year old son push all the buttons to see what worked and how?

QUESTION – When you purchase a new piece of concrete raising equipment do you read the operators manual cover to cover; for your safety, to prevent damage?

Do not feel bad, if you answered NO to the second question you are not alone.

Less than 6.5 % of purchases read manuals completely.

It is also interesting to note that in the electronics world 95% of equipment returned due to malfunction actually works – the problem is few read the operating instructions. AND – for the record and to dispel the old mindset there is no statistical evidence to prove a

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